Keith Marks

Keith Marks


Music is communion, functioning as a door waiting to be opened – always inviting into other worlds. Religious hymns, folk songs, protest chants, rhythms from other cultures, and every other musical traditions are more than vibrations on the ear. They are keys to unlocking cultures unknown. Once unlocked, a world of new customs, languages, ways of thinking about the world open up. A bridge is built connecting the individual to the world, allowing “the other” to become “the known.”

Avant is a music series and weekly radio show dedicated to bringing dynamic, diverse, and engaging music to Northeast Florida – unchained from genre, Avant is an opportunity to explore music that defies explanation and broadcasting music beckoning to be heard.

Avant asks, “Can we listen to new music with curiosity and imagination? Might that experience help us to listen to one another on a deeper level? Can we commune, explore new vibrations, and grow deeper together?” Ears open…this is Avant.